With a key focus on meeting the ever-changing gambler’s needs, Gaming Arts’ new line of video reels are designed to enhance the player experience. The GA Reels™ suite offers four unique games series including Pop’N Pays™, Da Fa Ba™, Dice Seeker™, and the multi-game Casino Wizard™, and more than ten game themes available with a new, optional Rocket Rollup™ mystery progressive feature. With a stunning collection of compelling audio and video content, Gaming Arts' state-of-the-art line of slots deliver new levels of enjoyment and anticipation.

Vertx Grand Games

Casino Wizard VIP ( Now 8 Multi-Game )

PUB Series

Popular Games

S104 Games

Pop'N Pays


High Denom - Coming Soon

Casino Wizard ( Multi-Game )

Dice Seeker

High Denom - Coming Soon

Inferno Wheel

WU Series


Hamster Libre

Cyber Dragon

Bingo Slots

The SuperBingo™ suite of games is the first entrant of an entirely NEW Electronic Gaming Machine sector. SuperBingo™ offers a revolutionary player experience unlike anything the world has seen. Games so unique that we have already been granted numerous U.S. patents with dozens of additional U.S. and foreign patents pending. SuperBingo™ offers players a fast paced mesmerizing player experience comparable to video reels and steppers, the player control of video poker and the player options of video keno.

Super Bingo

Super Gold Mine Bingo
Super Wild Bingo
Super Bonus Bingo
Super Match Bingo
Super Cash Bingo
Super Pattern Bingo
Super Big Loot Bingo
Super Bingo Multi Win

Ultimate Bingo

Sweet Susie's Bingo
Drago's Golden Bingo
Wild Willy's Bingo
Lucky Ernie's Bingo
Genie Jimmy's Bingo
Daisy's Bonus Bingo
Bronco Billy's Bingo
Big Top Bobby's Bingo

10 Way Bingo

Willy's 10 Way Bingo
Genie's 10 Way Bingo
Ernie's 10 Way Bingo
10 Way Bingo Mega Progressive
Drago's 10 Way Bingo
Daisy's 10 Way Bingo
Susie's 10 Way Bingo
10 Way Bingo Multi-Game