Hamster Libre ™ Video Reels

Debuting on the new HALOTOP™ LED topper, the much anticipated Hamster Libre™ is destined to delight your players with the adorable luchadores' wresting combinations! This dynamic duo is small but powerful when they run around the dual prize wheel until they stop on a random wedge to award multipliers and symbols!

Cabinet Configurations

Hamster Libre™ is offered on the sleek Phocus® S104 hybrid cabinet in a variety of placement configurations including round 3-pods and 4-pods, back-to-back 4-packs, triangular and rectangular 6-pods, and 2-pack and 3-pack wall placements. The vast majority of our configurations meet or exceed social distancing standards. Contact your Account Representative to view all cabinet configuration options.

Game Details

Base Game and Hamster Wheel Features:

  • Hamster Wheel Feature occurs about every 25 plays on non-winning spins.
  • Ernesto will spin the symbol wheel and multiplier wheel and will award the symbol value and multiplier value that he lands on.
  • Awarded symbols ranging from 3 to 15 will randomly be placed on the reels in a winning combination and will be multiplied by the awarded multiplier, ranging from 2x to 5x.

  • Free Games Feature:

  • Occurs about every 123 plays on average.
  • Win up to 12 free games with 3 or more scattered Bonus symbols.
  • Retriggers available with 2 or more Bonus symbols.
  • If triggered, the Hamster Wheel Feature will be awarded with the Bonus Hamster Wheel, featuring Emily.

  • Progressive Pick Bonus:

  • 2 Jackpot Bell symbols on reels 1 and 5 award the Progressive Pick Bonus.
  • Players will be presented with 9 star coins that will reveal progressive levels.
  • 3 matching progressive levels award the respective progressive jackpot amount.

  • Configurations:

  • Up to 243 ways to win.
  • 30 and 60 credit cost to cover.
  • 300 and 600 max bet options.
  • Multi-denomination capable from 1¢ to $50.
  • High denomination option available.