PlayerGuard™ Anti-Virus Systems

While the entire gaming industry struggles with the effects of COVID-19, Gaming Arts is dealing with the threat head-on. In March, Gaming Arts significantly ramped up its R&D efforts to help the industry make its way back from this and future pandemics. One thing is sure, COVID-19 will be with us for at least a year or two, until a vaccine is available and as an absolute, all players and staff must feel safe and reassured that their casino is doing everything within their power to protect them.

UVC Decontamination and Sanitizing Systems to Reduce and Eliminate the COVID-19 Virus From Your Floor

Attacking the COVID-19 crisis head-on, Gaming Arts is in the process of developing an array of new innovations directed to the use of UVC lighting to decontaminate, disinfect, and sanitize gaming machines and gaming equipment. The science behind UVC lighting to disinfect, sterilize and decontaminate is well known in the medical field but has never before been applied to gaming equipment. The UVC lighting is supplied either through UVC lamps or UVC LEDs. The list of gaming machines and gaming equipment addressed in these efforts include but are not limited to UVC disinfecting and sanitization of gaming machines, card shufflers, bill acceptors, card readers, printers, chip trays, playing card shoes, table games cash drop boxes, dice holding devices, ATMs, player kiosks and more. The goal is to disinfect and sanitize virtually any piece of equipment or object that possesses a risk to the gaming public or casino staff. Gaming Arts plans to make its UVC decontamination technologies available to operators and manufacturers alike for the benefit of the entire gaming industry.